Zita Klovaitė Haagensen - Angel of the sea

Angel of the sea

Zita Klovaitė Haagensen

ISBN kodas: 9786094751233
Išleista: 2018

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How creativity is rising ꟷ to the Angel?
Every picture has birth at a meditative state.
My paintings are my children and angels.
I named each one of them with unique names.

Ultimately… I am painting in an enclosed space while listening to beyond meditation musicꟷ Indian transcendental; His Holiness, the Buddhist Dalai Lama and his studen‐practitioner the monk Nawang Khechog; also Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis‘s symphonic poems and mesmerizing sounds of the dolphins.

I depict philosophical reflections and visions about eternal values, human existence, the vastness of the Universe, and the enchantment of each moment...

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Zita Klovaitė Haagensen
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